What's in a name?

Trees have deep meaning for us and they are the underlying metaphor that this company is based on. Trees have an inner wood called the heartwood, that is ironically dead and no longer growing. The outer edge of the tree, the sap wood and the bark layers are the areas of the tree that are alive with nutrients and growing and expanding into their environments. In woodworking this outer edge is called the live edge. Similar to a tree, if we are to be fully alive, we must be always growing and pushing into new territories, ever expanding into new possibilities, and always pushing our learning boundaries. We are founded and dedicated to this principle.

How may we serve?

We believe that the primary orientation is one of service. The leaders we work with are different and unique in many ways and so we approach each engagement with what’s most important to the client as the number one guide post. We also know that the leaders, at some level, are the same and so we leverage proven models and approaches from across the industry and academia. This leads to an approach that is custom for the client’s needs and proven in practice. In our experience that means that they will be the most effective and have the greatest chances of success.

Doug Lewis

Doug founded LiveEdge Labs in 2015 with the purpose of helping leaders transform while maintaining a deep connection to what makes them feel most alive. He has over 25 years experience working and leading in corporate organization settings, having spent the last 20+ years in high tech. He’s managed and led large global teams and has lived and worked internationally. He brings a unique combination of education and experience in the domains of Finance, Information Technology and Organization Development. He holds an MS in Positive Organizational Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.

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