Coaching Lab

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Our experience is that most leaders are too distracted, too busy, and too out of touch with who they really are and what’s most important to them. They spend the majority of their time and energy focused in ways that are not revitalizing. Over time, they become, depleted and lost. At some point, one find an inner courage to admit that it’s not working and look for a different way. A way that brings greater meaning and purpose, toward a life that is fully alive.

It starts with the self-admission that there has to be a better way.


Smoky mountain ridges


To be coached is to be seen. This seeing comes in the form of being deeply listened to and through the act of deeply questioning one beliefs and actions. This leads to a distillation of deeper meaning and understanding of oneself. Through this seeing; new landscapes, new possibilities and new choices are made available. Through greater choice, new and often once unimagined opportunities begin to take hold.

It leads to seeing oneself and the world with fresh eyes and living into new possibilities.

Lake Chuzenji (Chuzenjiko, 中禅寺湖) near Nikko in Japan. Photographed on a beautiful still morning in autumn at sunrise.


The heart of transformation requires a knowing of oneself, what’s most important and above all, what makes each of us feel most alive. This deeper understanding is the source of new found energy that in turn fosters new levels of performance and effectiveness. It is through this alignment within oneself and the focus of directed action where transformation takes off.

It culminates in a new orientation, a new found source of energy and aliveness, one that drives unforeseen levels of transformation.